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SOLVED: Day 33: Project 7: getting "[boringssl] boringssl_metrics_log_metric_block_invoke(144) Failed to log metrics" error

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I'm getting this error with both my code and Paul's codes. I think the parse method isn't working properly but i dont know how to solve. Im using m1 mac if it's important.


I don't think it's the parse function but a problem with the SSL connection. Is there more output in terminal?


No it just says "[78503:4540000] [boringssl] boringssl_metrics_log_metric_block_invoke(144) Failed to log metrics " app is not crashing and it loads the data now im still getting same notification in terminal


If data is loaded as expected I don't think it's related to your code. F.e. if the parser didn't work you wouldn't get any output but a more descriptive error message or even a fatal error. SSL hints to the connection itself.


Your error it is caused because you are using Data(contentsOf: url) to download your json data synchronously and the server probably doesn't support it. You should use URLSession dataTask(with: URL) method to download your data asynchronously and this error will go away.


@Dzondzula I have zero instances of Data(contentsOf: URL) in my code, and I'm getting a metric buttload of these messages in my log. Any other suggestions? Like the others, all my data is loading as expected...


Me too. Any ideas? Did you find a solution @meadowsr ?


@erithacus No, not yet. But it's getting bad enough that I might start looking for similar API usage that might be possibly related to this suggestion.


Same error although I'm already using (comparable) URLSession.shared.dataTaskPublisher(for: ).


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