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Day 17 - how to close the keyboard on tap anywhere on the screen

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I've been reading the tutorial about Hiding the keyboard in "WeSplit" app on day 17, and I thought that a nicer way to handle this than adding a button in the toolbar would be to dismiss the keyboard when the user taps anywhere on the screen outside of the field. However, I have no idea how to do that in SwiftUI.

I tried adding a .tapGesture to the whole form, but then it overrides everything else and I can't switch to any other controls like the segmented picker. From what I could find on StackOverflow, people usually suggested making a ZStack with some kind of fake almost-transparent overlay view that handles the taps, but that sounds like an ugly hack…

What's the most elegant/proper way to implement something like this - a tap recognizer on the whole view, but only in the background?


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