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SOLVED: Assistant Editor Doesn't Show me any class except my viewController

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I'm in project 10 now Names and Faces when i create the PersonCell class and go to the assistant editor it onley show my viewController class and the manual option Mr.Paul chose did't show up i deleted my project and build it again but same problem. Anyone had the same problem I've been stuck all day.


UPDATE It looks like a general problem, I opened multible project with more than one class in them and every time i get just only the ViewContrller class.


Hi Ahmed. It's a common issue I face too. Worse thing is that the Manual option for the Assistant Editor seems nowhere to be found in the current Xcode 12 version.

That said, in my case I'd make sure:

  1. I chose the Image View in the Interface Builder, in this order View Controller > Collection View > Person > Content View > Image View.
  2. Fire up the Assistant Editor
  3. Now in the Automatic bar of the Assistant Editor, hopefully you would see the PersonCell.swift file

Let me know if it helps. Cheers!


Hi @rungxanh2901, Thank you for you help. I figured it out yesterday after many failed attempts and I was going to post the solution here but you already did, with a clear steps too.

Thanks, Cheers!


If you look top right of assistant editor, you can see a < 2 > which indicates there is another view controller class file associated with the view and you can scroll through to the one you want.


Thank you so much man, I was crazy about that.


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