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SOLVED: 100 days of Swift - Day 69 - Project 19 - Sarafi Extension - Challenge 3

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  1. For something bigger, let users name their scripts, then select one to load using a UITableView.

Ok, how can i get the name/selected script back to main ActionViewController?

A) create a property for the ActionViewController in my TableViewController, and have the script textview accesible? (or perhaps a variable I can set from the TVC, then check/load/empty when the parent actionView willAppear...?

B) make my ActionViewController a tableViewController, and ... hmm i dunno this seems to lead to an overly big view controller?

C) Write the return value to user default, and load in ActionView viewWillAppear?

I can send data to the tableView when i instantiate it, but how should i send data back?

but is there a nice way to send back data?



Hope that I don't spoil you fun of figuring it out yourself, I'm not even sure if my approach was the right one, but here it goes:

First of all, you DON'T have to go back to ActionViewController. I just pasted the lines that are needed to execute the script, straight to TableViewController:

override func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
        let item = NSExtensionItem()
        let argument: NSDictionary = ["customJavaScript": tableScripts[indexPath.row].tableScript]
        let webDictionary: NSDictionary = [NSExtensionJavaScriptFinalizeArgumentKey: argument]
        let customJavaScript = NSItemProvider(item: webDictionary, typeIdentifier: kUTTypePropertyList as String)
        item.attachments = [customJavaScript]
        extensionContext?.completeRequest(returningItems: [item])

You might think what tableScripts[indexPath.row].tableScript in the line 3 is. Well, it's from the custom class I made to store the written scripts along with their names:

class scriptSavedForTableView: NSObject, Codable {
    var tableName: String?
    var tableScript: String?

    init (tableName: String, tableScript: String) {
        self.tableName = tableName
        self.tableScript = tableScript

tableScripts then is just a var of [scriptSavedForTableView].

So, having a script saved to a table view, when you click a row, the view controller is automatically dismissed and the script is executed.



Good hint! I got it from the first line.

I'm quite good at pausing, trying things out then continuing to what was actually recomended :D

Being a bit wary of duplicating code, I pulled out the code into a new swift file, but the extensionContext became an unresolved identifier, so.. I just passed as a function parameter... hope that doesn't lead to madness.. but cool.

Thanks for your time!


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