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How to limit the number of characters in a UITextField or UITextView

Written by Paul Hudson    @twostraws

If you have a UITextField or UITextView and want to stop users typing in more than a certain number of letters, you need to set yourself as the delegate for the control then implement either shouldChangeCharactersIn (for text fields) or shouldChangeTextIn (for text views).

Next, add one of these two methods, depending on whether you are working with text fields (single line) or text views (multiple lines):

func textField(_ textField: UITextField, shouldChangeCharactersIn range: NSRange, replacementString string: String) -> Bool {
    let currentText = textField.text ?? ""
    guard let stringRange = Range(range, in: currentText) else { return false }

    let updatedText = currentText.replacingCharacters(in: stringRange, with: string)

    return updatedText.count <= 16

func textView(_ textView: UITextView, shouldChangeTextIn range: NSRange, replacementText text: String) -> Bool {
    let currentText = textView.text ?? ""
    guard let stringRange = Range(range, in: currentText) else { return false }

    let changedText = currentText.replacingCharacters(in: stringRange, with: text)

    return changedText.count <= 16

I've specified 16 as the maximum number of characters, but just change that to whatever you need.

Available from iOS 7.0

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