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Dedication - a free tutorial

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This book is dedicated to the many people who support my work through Patreon. They contribute a small amount each month because they can afford it, and in turn it allows me to produce a huge amount of free tutorials for folks who can’t afford it.

The regular income that they provide through Patreon allows me more time to plan, prepare, and execute the very best tutorials I can, and I’m so grateful for their support.

If you’d like to find out more information about my Patreon membership, please visit this link:

At the time of writing, the following people are Gold Supporters: roblack, Simon Salomons, Yvette Zhukovsky, Marc Aupont, Leslie Meadows, Lamin Tamba, John W. Kennedy, Imre Sashalmi, Dionne Lie-Sam-Foek, Thomas Alvarez, Zachary Hagman, Alexander Kazakov, Maribel Montejano, Jan Kaltoun, Romesh, Philip Bacchi, Sina Yeganeh, Mark Jackson, Tim DiLauro, Jay Welshofer, Alexey Ozerov, Dean Moore, Volker, Dennis Kunc, Robert Rehders, Daniel Cilli, Brad Gayman, Marco Immel, Rob Rickard, Vitali Tatarintev, Herman C Vermeulen, Jeff Sherin, Zachary Gibson, Jim Niemann, Russell Gordon, Filip Němeček, Daniel Seehof, WJCN, Miroslav Kolc, Nofoe, Patrick Roche, Ben Love, Subhransu Behera, Hans-Georg Daun, Mark Malone, Rob Mayoff, Alex, Michael Fey, Sean Kennedy, Göran Lilja, Jeff Summers, Robert J Clegg, Victor Petrenko, Zvonimir Grebenar, Simon Topliss, Chris Johnson, David Arve, Cate Huston, Dave Addey, Joe Fabisevich, Ragheed Al-midani, TJ Horner, Kristaps Grinbergs, Adrian Eves, Steven Webber, Ciprian Manea, Conor B Carey and Nick Lockwood.

In addition, there are 59 supporters who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Thank you, everyone! This book would never have happened without you.

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