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Hacking with Swift

Swift on Sundays: Volume 1


Project 1: Memorize

Build an app for memorizing speeches.

Project 2: FriendZone

Remember timezones using the Coordinator pattern.

Project 3: Friendface

Tackle networking in a simple social media app.

Project 4: Inner Peace

Show inspiration quotes using Core Graphics.

Project 5: iMultiply

Code a command-line app with unit tests.

Project 6: WordsearchKit

Generate instant wordsearches as PDFs.

Project 7: OMG Marbles

Build a SpriteKit game with particles and physics.

Project 8: DeclarativeUI

Learn how to create UI from downloaded JSON.

Project 9: Cupcake Corner

Build a Vapor server and the iOS app that talks to it.

Project 10: Better Rest

Use machine learning to predict optimum bedtimes.

Project 11: Zaptastic

Create a customizable space shooter using SpriteKit.

Project 12: MultiMark

Add multi-screen support to iPadOS with this Markdown-rendering editor.

Project 13: Text Transformer

Add a menu bar app to macOS for safer tweeting.

Project 14: Spot the Scientist

Show information about famous scientists using ARKit and SceneKit.

Project 15: Watch Reactions

Put Swift on your wrist with a soundboard.

Project 16: JustType

Save documents into the cloud, then add syntax highlighting.

Project 17: Untangler

Uncross the lines to win in this UIKit game.

Project 18: Terminal Wizard

Help users master the command line on their phones.

Project 19: Dad Jokes

Build a SwiftUI app for macOS and iOS.

Project 20: Switcharoo

Creat a drag and drop game with SwiftUI for macOS.

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