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Hacking with Swift

Hacking with macOS: SwiftUI Edition


Project 1: Storm Viewer

Get started coding in Swift by making an image viewer app and learning key concepts.

Project 2: Cows and Bulls

Practice your List skills while learning about random numbers and text input.

Project 3: Views and Modifiers

Dive deep into Swift's rendering system.

Project 4: Text Parser

Tackle the command line with Swift Package Manager and the NaturalLanguage framework.

Project 5: MultiMap

Learn to create maps and map pins by combining SwiftUI and MapKit.

Project 6: Animation

Spruce up your UI with springs, bounces, and more.

Project 7: Fast Track

Learn to fetch and parse JSON from the internet, displaying the results in a grid.

Project 8: Odd One Out

Build a picture-matching game that's all but guaranteed to get you stumped.

Project 9: Drawing

Use shapes, paths, colors, and more to create custom art for your app.

Project 10: Time Buddy

Expand your skills to the macOS menu bar and build a helpful utility for distributed teams.

Project 11: Bubble Trouble

Create a physics-based bubble popping game with timers, sound effects, and more.

Project 12: Layout and Geometry

Explore the inner workings of SwiftUI's layout system.

Project 13: Screenable

Get to grips with document-based apps by building a screenshot editor.

Project 14: Shooting Gallery

Build a fast-paced shooting game with animations, new levels, and a custom mouse cursor.

Project 15: Accessibility

Learn how to make your apps available to everyone.

Project 16: Bookworm

Upgrade your app storage to use SwiftData.

Project 17: Match Three

Build a fun puzzle game with SpriteKit.

Project 18: SwiftData

Learn how predicates and relationships can power up your SwiftData code.

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