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Hot Prospects: Wrap up

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

This was our largest project yet, but the end result is another really useful app that could easily form the starting point for a real conference. Along the way we also learned about custom environment objects, TabView, Result, objectWillChange, image interpolation, context menus, local notifications, Swift package dependencies, filter() and map(), and so much more – it’s been packed!

We’ve explored several of Apple’s other frameworks now – Core ML, MapKit, Core Image, and now UserNotifications – so I hope you’re getting a sense of just how much we can build just by relying on all the work Apple has already done for us.

Review what you learned

Anyone can sit through a tutorial, but it takes actual work to remember what was taught. It’s my job to make sure you take as much from these tutorials as possible, so I’ve prepared a short review to help you check your learning.

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One of the best ways to learn is to write your own code as often as possible, so here are three ways you should try extending this app to make sure you fully understand what’s going on.

  1. Add an icon to the “Everyone” screen showing whether a prospect was contacted or not.
  2. Use JSON and the documents directory for saving and loading our user data.
  3. Use an action sheet to customize the way users are sorted in each screen – by name or by most recent.
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