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Bucket List: Introduction

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

In this project we’re going to build an app that lets the user build a private list of places on the map that they intend to visit one day, add a description for that place, look up interesting places that are nearby, and save it all to the iOS storage for later.

To make all that work will mean leveraging some skills you’ve met already, such as forms, sheets, Codable, and URLSession, but also teach you some new skills: how to embed maps in a SwiftUI app, how to store private data safely so that only an authenticated user can access it, how to load and save data outside of UserDefaults, and more.

So, lots to learn and another great app to make! There is some bad news, though: embedding maps in SwiftUI means using coordinators. Yes, those coordinators.

Anyway, let’s get started with our techniques: create a new iOS project using the App template, and name it BucketList. And now on to our techniques…

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