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Animation: Introduction

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

We’re back to another technique project, and this time we’re going to be looking at something fast, beautiful, and really under-valued: animations.

Animations are there for a few reasons, of which one definitely is to make our user interfaces look better. However, they are also there to help users understand what’s going on with our program: when one window disappears and another slides in, it’s clear to the user where the other window has gone to, which means it’s also clear where they can look to get it back.

In this technique project we’re going to look at a range of animations and transitions with SwiftUI. Some are easy – in fact, you’ll be able to get great results almost immediately! – but some require more thinking. All will be useful, though, particularly as you work to make sure your apps are attractive and help guide the user’s eyes as best as you can.

As with the other days it’s a good idea to work in an Xcode project so you can see your code in action, so please create a new App project called Animations.

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