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This book is dedicated to the many people who helped read through earlier editions, reporting typos, suggesting improvements, and helping make this book as comprehensive as it can be – I’m really grateful they took the time to provide so much help and support!

In alphabetical order, they are: Abdul Ajetunmobi, Alejandro Martinez, Andrew Cowley, Chad Naeger, Chris Rivers, Darius Dunlap, Devanshi Modha, Diego Freniche Brito, Eric Schofield, Glenn Sequeira, Gustavo Diel, Hamish Allan, Horacio Chavez, Howard Katz, Isa Hashim, Jana Grill, Jason Bruder, Jeff Terry, Lars Christiansen, Laurent Brusa, Tor Rafsol Løseth, Mats Braa, Michael M. Mayer, Paul Williamson, Phil Martin, Piers Ebdon, Rick Gigger, Sarah Reichelt, Thomas Alvarez, Tom Comer, Vikash Anand, and Zack Apiratitham.

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