The Swift Community Awards help us recognize the developers, podcasters, conferences and more that help make our community so vibrant. It's all decided by you, so get involved today!


Nominations are now closed, and the shortlist is now available for voting.


The shortlists are made up of the popular nominations in each category – vote for your favorite!


With a broad range of categories, everyone can nominate their favorite tool and show their appreciation.


The Swift Community Awards aren't run by Apple – you, the Swift community, decide what deserves to win.


Nominations open: 9th October - 30th October

Shortlist voting: 5th November – 19th November

Winners announced: 26th November


We had over 800 nominations, covering projects big and small, and for people that are well known on the conference circuit to newer speakers who are just making their name. You can find the full list of nominations below, and we encourage you to explore more before casting your vote at the end of the page.

The lists are presented below in alphabetical order, but on the voting form they are presented in a random order. In two categories I have excluded one or more entries to avoid potential bias.

Questions? Comments? Email paul@hackingwithswift.com or tweet @twostraws.

Swift Community Awards 2018 Shortlist

Best Newsletter

Getting news and tutorials in your inbox is often the easiest way to learn, but which email newsletter has been most useful to you?

Best Conference

Apart from WWDC, which conference was most interesting, insightful, or beneficial for your career?

Best Podcast

Whether it makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you refactor your code, which Swift podcast do you think leads the field?

Best Design Resource

Getting your user interface right is never easy, but the right tools can make all the difference. Which design resource do you think deserves special praise?

Best Deployment Tool

Wrestling with iTunes Connect, handling continuous integration, getting user feedback, and more – these tools help developers do more with less. Which one helped you the most?

Best Backend Service

These are invaluable when you just want to focus on your code, but which one does the best job?

Best Developer Tool

Which one tool has done the most to make your app development life better?

Best Enterprise SDK

Which enterprise SDK has been most useful in your work?

Best Server-Side Swift project

Which project has done the most to help you deliver great Swift sites and APIs?

Best Auto Layout wrapper

These tools help take the complexity out of Auto Layout, but everyone has their own favorite. The question is, which is yours?

Best Open-Source Project

There are lots of open-source Swift frameworks on GitHub, but which one stood out above the rest?

Most Inspiring Presentation

Over the last year, which talk at a conference has done the most to inspire you in your work?

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