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Countdown to WWDC 18

Paul Hudson    April 5th 2018    @twostraws

WWDC is the biggest event of the year for any Apple developer, and this year I was lucky enough to win a ticket. So, I want to make sure I do all I can to use the opportunity, while also helping folks who didn’t get a ticket.

So, this year I’m launching a new initiative: today marks 60 days until WWDC begins, so every day between now and then I’ll post a new, free tutorial, tip, interview, or feature for iOS developers. Sometimes it will be long, sometimes it will be very short, but every day between now and June 4th you’ll get something new.

I know that Hacking with Swift is a confusingly big site, with some things being remarkably hard to find. So, I’ll be listing all new articles on this page so you can find them more easily.

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