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Want to learn Vapor 3? Start here.

What’s changed, how to get started, and an interview with its creator all in one – and all free.

Paul Hudson       @twostraws

I’ve been using Vapor 3 since its earliest betas back in November 2017, and over the months since then I’ve worked hard to write and update my Vapor 3 book to make sure it covers all the latest techniques and APIs to help you make the most of server-side Swift.

Well, now that Swift 4.1 has shipped with Xcode 9.3, the Vapor team have started the long process of tagging their own work as final. In short: Vapor 3 is on the verge of being complete at last, and now is the perfect time to start trying it out yourself. As more repositories are tagged as 3.0, any code running the final release candidate will automatically switch over to the 3.0 tag without any further change from you.

To help you get make the most of this exciting release in the server-side Swift world, I put together a getting started pack:

  1. If you previously used Vapor 2, here’s what’s new in Vapor 3.
  2. Here’s a massive, free tutorial teaching Vapor 3 from scratch, implementing JSON output, HTML template rendering, and database storage – all as part of a real project.
  3. Here’s an interview with Tanner Nelson, the founder and lead developer on the Vapor project, where he discusses what’s changing in Vapor 3 and why.
  4. Finally, my book Server-Side Swift will help you get started with Vapor 3 incredibly fast as you build read projects.

These articles, and indeed my whole book, wouldn’t be possible without the incredible help, guidance, and support of Tanner Nelson and Joannis Orlandos. So, I think it’s only fair that I repeat the dedication I made at the start of the book:

This book is dedicated to Tanner Nelson and Joannis Orlandos, both of whom worked extraordinarily hard to make Vapor 3 a significant leap forward for server-side Swift, while also tirelessly answering my own questions. This book would not have been possible without their help, and I’m hugely grateful.

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