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$5000 of Swift books must be won!

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Paul Hudson       @twostraws

In the last month I updated all 11 of my Swift books for Swift 4, and released an all-new book called Dive Into SpriteKit that teaches games programming in an incredible new format.

Of course, I want to celebrate all this in style, which is why I’m giving away over $5000 of Swift books and videos to lucky readers – read on to find out how!

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All books updated for Swift 4

Every one of my Swift books was updated for Swift 4 last month, and thanks to my lifetime update policy the updates were completely free for existing readers.

Of course, just doing simple version updates isn’t much fun, so I took the opportunity to add extra content – new language features in Pro Swift, new workout features in watchOS, new iPhone X compatibility in Hacking with Swift, and more.

Readers tell me that my lifetime update policy – along with the bonus content they get from my Frequent Flyer Club – is a key reason they choose Hacking with Swift books over others, and it’s such a great feeling when I see readers finishing one book then coming back for more.

All my books are covered by my lifetime update policy, which means they all get free updates for Swift 5, 6, and beyond – it’s the perfect way to protect your learning investment!

All my books are priced as low as possible, but you can save even more money by buying one of my bundles: the Swift Power Pack and the Swift Platform Pack.

Introducing: Dive Into SpriteKit

My latest book teaches games programming with SpriteKit, but it’s no ordinary book – one reader described it as “the most thorough and enjoyable book on 2D game programming that I’ve encountered – my mind was blown by how cool this is.

Why is it special? Well, for two reasons:

  • Every section of the project is kept as short as possible, so you're always able to make quick progress and see results as you go.
  • At key points in each project, the book stops and asks you what should happen next, and your choices affect the way the project continues.

If you ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid, you'll be instantly at home with this concept of interactive reading – each of the four projects adapts and evolves based on the direction you want to take, meaning that there's over 200 unique project combinations available to you.

One of the benefits of this approach is that you learn what interests you most.

For example, one of the choices in the first project is how the player should be controlled, and it's down to you – you can decide to learn how to integrate Core Motion so the player moves using the accelerometer, or you can decide that tracking touches is more important, and learn that instead.

You could even go through each project several times to see what other possibilities there are – it's your choice.

Even better, the book comes with a companion app that gives you source code for each step of each project, adapting based on the choices you make. It even includes a button that runs the code at that point in the project, so you can see exactly how it should look – check out the video!

Dive Into SpriteKit is available today for $30.

Your chance to win!

I’m giving away over $5000 of books and videos, and entering your name in the draw couldn’t be easier:

  • 1 reader will win the Swift Power Pack, the Swift Platform Pack, and Dive Into SpriteKit – over 5000 pages of Swift 4 tutorials!
  • 20 readers will win the Swift Power Pack, which gives you Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, Practical iOS 10, Objective-C for Swift Developers, and Beyond Code.
  • 20 readers will win the Swift Platform Pack, which gives you Hacking with macOS, Hacking with watchOS, Hacking with tvOS, Server-Side Swift, and Practical iOS 11.
  • 30 readers will win Dive Into SpriteKit, my revolutionary new approach to teaching games programming.

That gives you over 70 chances to win! And yes, all winners benefit from my lifetime update policy and Swift Frequent Flyer Club.

All you have to do to enter is follow @twostraws on Twitter and click the Tweet button below to tweet the entry text. You can tweet it more than once, but multiple entries on the same day will not be accepted.

Go ahead and click the button above to post your entry, then follow @twostraws on Twitter – and you’re done!

Winners will be announced here on October 28th.

Terms and conditions

  • All winners will be drawn randomly.
  • Entries are open from October 23rd to October 28th.
  • Winners will be posted here on October 28th and will have 30 days to claim; unclaimed books may be forfeit.
  • To enter you need to follow @twostraws on Twitter and post the entry tweet at least once.
  • You may post the tweet more than once, but posting more than once per day will not improve your chances.
  • Anyone found to have created multiple accounts to enter will be disqualified.
  • Entry is free.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please email me at

Good luck!

PS: There’s a Tweet button below, which is automatically added to all these articles; you can click that if you want, but it won’t count as an entry. You want to click the one a little further up the page!

Hacking with Swift is sponsored by Stream

SPONSORED Stream’s latest iOS Chat SDK release provides a better developer experience with new docs, customizable attachments, and UI components, and under-the-hood performance improvements.

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Sponsor Hacking with Swift and reach the world's largest Swift community!

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