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15 entries from the Swift Knowledge Base you should try today

Learn something new with these quick Swift code samples.

Paul Hudson       @twostraws

A couple of years ago I built the Swift Knowledge Base as a way of condensing quick Swift tips, techniques, and solutions into one place, while also ensuring all answers were kept up to date as Swift evolved.

Today the knowledge base includes over 300 entries on topics such as UIKit, SpriteKit, Xcode, and more, but if you haven’t used it before you might find it a little overwhelming.

So, I wanted to pick out a few of my favorite articles to get you started. These aren’t necessarily the longest or most action-packed articles, but instead are things that I think more developers should be aware of or might want to try:

  1. How to ask users to review your app using SKStoreReviewController
  2. How to change your app icon dynamically with setAlternateIconName()
  3. How to generate haptic feedback with UIFeedbackGenerator
  4. How to animate views using UIViewPropertyAnimator
  5. How to convert units using Unit and Measurement
  6. How to detect low power mode is enabled
  7. How to insert images into an attributed string with NSTextAttachment
  8. How to create keyframe animations using CAKeyframeAnimation
  9. How to make empty table views look more attractive using DZNEmptyDataSet
  10. How to render a PDF to an image
  11. How to highlight text to speech words being read using AVSpeechSynthesizer
  12. How to create a parallax effect in UIKit
  13. How to scan a QR code
  14. How to measure touch strength using 3D Touch
  15. How to get a Cover Flow effect on iOS
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