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Learn SwiftUI with free tutorials

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SwiftUI was announced during the keynote at WWDC19, and already we’ve seen a huge number of free tutorials as articles, YouTube videos, books, and more – it’s safe to say that folks are excited, and are keen to share that excitement with the world!

I’ve been creating lots of SwiftUI tutorials myself, but I’ve also been reading tutorials from many other developers. In this article I’ve tried to bring together tutorials from a variety of folks, because everyone learns differently – hopefully you’ll find a tutorial that teaches SwiftUI in a way that works great for you.

SwiftUI By Example

I switched across to SwiftUI the day it was announced, and if you were following my many tweets on the topic you’ll know I really fell in love with it.

Shortly after SwiftUI was announced I published an article called Get started with SwiftUI, which outlines the basics of creating views, stacks, lists, and more.

Since then, I’ve produced a huge amount of SwiftUI example code and videos:

More recently I’ve been working on videos that create full apps in SwiftUI so that folks can see concepts in action rather than as isolated examples. For example:

These videos aren’t too long, but still give enough room to really show the power and conciseness of SwiftUI. Here’s an example to get you started:

Get started with SwiftUI

There are lots of folks writing tutorials aimed at helping you get started with SwiftUI. They come in at a variety of difficulty levels in terms of how they structure their content – they are all aimed at help you get started, but some are easier than others!

Of course, I should start this list by saying that Apple’s own SwiftUI tutorials are excellent – lots of code, lots of screenshots, and even quiz questions to help test your learning.


For absolute beginners

  • Santosh Botre provides some great example code for various SwiftUI components.
  • Sai Kambampati has a nice tutorial on building a great-looking list app with cropping and shadowing.
  • Martin Lasek wrote up a really relaxed introduction with lots of screenshots and space to experiment.
  • John Sundell wrote a nice beginner tutorial that walks you through the basics of various SwiftUI components.


Going further

  • Mischa Hildebrand wrote a tutorial that focuses on one specific part of the Swift syntax behind SwiftUI: the some keyword.
  • Majid Jabrayilov wrote a tutorial that walks you through building an app for searching GitHub repos.
  • Rohan Panchal wrote a tutorial that approaches SwiftUI from the perspective of React Native.
  • Audrey Tam has a tutorial that starts quite easy but then moves upwards through state, composition, alerts, and more.
  • Benedikt Terhechte wrote a piece that explores SwiftUI from the perspective of a game engine, diving straight into stacks and state.


We have a huge variety of video creators in the Swift community, and it’s great to see them all so excited about SwiftUI!

Here’s a selection of the many SwiftUI videos that are already available:

New videos are appearing daily covering ever more topics, so you might want to subscribe to some of those channels if you want regular updates.

General discussion

There have been no end of hot takes on SwiftUI, but a handful of particularly experienced folks have taken the time to write a more considered view from a variety of perspectives.

In particular, I enjoyed these:

Even though almost everyone is positive about SwiftUI, it’s worth adding a little skepticism too – see A Skeptics view on SwiftUI by Jille van der Weerd.

Where now?

Sites like About SwiftUI by Juanpe Catalán and Awesome SwiftUI by Yogesh Singh are popping up as a way to help us all keep track of the many resources available for SwiftUI – if you’re thirsty for more SwiftUI you should start there.

Ultimately, though, we’re only in the earliest days of SwiftUI, and we can still expect a huge number of changes to land before 1.0 ships with the Xcode 11 GM. I don’t know about you, but I’m particularly looking forward to Forms code, more wrappers around common UIKit controls, and the rest of the Combine framework dropping!

In the meantime, what are your favorite resources for learning SwiftUI? Let me know and I’ll expand this list – @twostraws send me a tweet!

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