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Learn SwiftUI with SwiftUI By Example

Learn SwiftUI online for free or buy the download edition

Paul Hudson       @twostraws

Many people are keen to learn SwiftUI in the fastest way possible, which is why I wrote SwiftUI By Example: a comprehensive, free collection of example code that helps you get started with SwiftUI today.

Not only does SwiftUI By Example walk you through well over 100 common coding problems and solutions, but it also provides a hands-on project that walks you through building a complete app from scratch – and even includes video for every step so you can follow along with me.

I’ve been busy working with SwiftUI since the moment it was launched, and spent most of WWDC at the SwiftUI labs peppering Apple’s engineers with questions – what’s the best way to do X? Why does Y do Z? How does Q work? And more – all so that I could get stuck into the framework as fast as possible.

After only a few days I had already converted six apps from UIKit to SwiftUI, and I’ve converted another 20 since – each time figuring out better and better ways to solve common problems efficiently.

If you want to learn SwiftUI, you’re more than welcome to follow the same path I did: read through all the documentation, watch all the WWDC videos, talk to Apple’s engineers directly, then write several thousand lines of code and refactor it repeatedly until it’s polished.

Alternatively, you can just read my book SwiftUI By Example. It is quite literally the collection of all my findings so far: all the problems I hit and how they were solved, all the questions I asked and the answers I received, and all the code I wrote and how it helps you get ahead now rather than repeating all the time and effort I already put in.

Apart from one being online and the other being offline, the two editions are identical. Yes, that means you can learn SwiftUI for free today, all using the online edition – you don’t need to pay anything.

SwiftUI is an extraordinarily exciting new technology that is going to completely change the way we build apps for Apple’s platforms. Right now I’m doing everything I can to help folks get started, and SwiftUI By Example is just the first step. I've already added over 150 pages since the original launch, and more is still to come!

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