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Advent of Swiftmas 2018

Paul Hudson       @twostraws

From December 1st through December 24th I'll be publishing a new article here, covering a variety of topics that will be of interest to Swift developers. Each day also comes with a discount on something you'll love, so check back every day or follow me on Twitter to keep up as new discounts are announced.

Here are the articles published so far:

  1. How to render UIViews in 3D using CATransformLayer – save 20% on PaintCode!
  2. The Complete Guide to Optionals in Swift – save 50% on Pro Swift!
  3. Swift Protocols: Tips and Tricks – save 50% on NSScreencast!
  4. How to check for internet connectivity using NWPathMonitor – save 50% on Swift Design Patterns!
  5. The Auto Layout cheat sheet – save 25% on Reveal!
  6. 8 Useful Swift Extensions – save 50% on Swift Coding Challenges!
  7. Build a Simon game for watchOS – save 50% on an annual Point-Free subscription!
  8. How to measure code coverage in Xcode – save 50% on Hacking with macOS!
  9. How to run an external program using Process – save 20% on Swift Style!
  10. How to perform regression analysis using Create ML – save 50% on Practical iOS 12!
  11. How to update your code to modern Swift – save 40% on an annual Flawless App subscription!
  12. How to create a random terrain tile map using SKTileMapNode and GKPerlinNoiseSource – save 50% on Dive Into SpriteKit!
  13. Xcode UI Testing Cheat Sheet – save 50% on any of Instabug's paid plans for three months!
  14. The complete guide to routing with Vapor 3 – save 50% on Server-side Swift: Vapor Edition!

Check back tomorrow for another article!


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