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Black Friday 2018: Save money on Swift books

Learn Swift for less!

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It’s Black Friday, so for the next few days you can get some awesome deals on Swift learning materials.

Naturally, all the Hacking with Swift books are on sale, but you can also pick up discounts from NSScreencast, Wayne W. Bishop, Erica Sadun, and more!

Save 50% in my Black Friday sale.

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Hacking with Swift

Last year I started a new tradition of launching Black Friday sales with a video, and this year I wanted to up my game a little…

(Here’s last year’s if you want to compare!)

Both the Swift Power Pack and the Swift Platform Pack are half price, or you can pick up individual books:

Click here for the full sale selection.

Note: my latest book, Testing Swift, is not included in the sale because it was only released this month, but I still wanted to offer some sort of discount so click here to save $5 on Testing Swift.


Ben Scheirman over at NSScreencast has been recording screencasts every week for over six years, and when you subscribe there you get every video plus all his new screencasts.

Sound good? Well, check this out: the NSScreencast sale offers you 50% off your subscription for the lifetime of the subscription. That means you can subscribe to NSScreencast today on this half-price rate, and as long as you stay subscribed you’ll carry on with that rate forever.

This is an astonishing deal. If you like learning through videos, you should go and check out Ben’s back catalog because it will make your eyes pop. And when you’re ready to sign up, just click here to activate the discount.

Algorithms and data structures

I bought Wayne W. Bishop’s Algorithms & Data Structures back when it was first released, and over time he’s added more and more to make the book more detailed.

At this point it’s the most comprehensive book on the topic, and if you’re keen to learn more yourself this is the perfect opportunity: Wayne is making the book available at half price for Black Friday! Click here to snap it up.

Wayne also has two hands-on programs that you might benefit from: his iOS Interview Program gives you live mock interviews with Wayne to help you identify weak spots, and his iOS Resume Review where he’ll give detailed feedback on your resume.

Both of these are on sale: you can get $100 off the iOS Interview Program, and 50% off his iOS Resume Review.

Get AppCoda’s guide to iOS 12

Simon Ng from AppCoda has a number of bundles to help jumpstart your iOS career, and all three are on sale at up to 60% off. His bundles are fully updated for Swift 4.2 and iOS 12, meaning that you get projects on ARKit, Core ML, and more – it’s such a great way to get into Swift development, and comes with an incredible support package too.

Want to find out more? Click here to see Simon’s sale pricing – you can save $20 on the basic bundle, $50 on the starter bundle, and $150(!) on the professional bundle.

Swift Style, Xcode Treasures, and more

The Pragmatic Programmers series of books are on sale at 40% off, although you’ll need to apply the code turkeysale2018 to activate the discount.

PragProg have a number of bestsellers in their stable:

  • Swift Style by Erica Sadun takes an opinionated view on how to write better Swift.
  • Xcode Treasures by Chris Adamson teaches you tips and tricks about Xcode I expect many Xcode engineers don’t even know.
  • A Swift Kickstart by Daniel Steinberg teaches the fundamentals of Swift in Daniel’s trademark clear, concise way.

Remember to apply the code turkeysale2018 to activate the discount!

Ray Wenderlich

The Ray Wenderlich series of books are also on sale, including some of his newest titles – Metal by Tutorials, Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, and Push Notifications by Tutorials, to name just a few. All of those and more are 50% off for Black Friday, so you can definitely learn something new no matter what your area of interest is.

Ray and his team have been cornerstone members of the Swift community from day one, and you really can't go wrong these books – visit Ray’s store to check them out!

All the book and video courses from are also joining the sale, including their new App Architecture. That means you can get Advanced Swift, Functional Swift, and App Architecture at 30% off each, or go for one of their bundles: save $45 on App Development, $30 on Everything Swift, and $60 on their complete collection.

Save 50% in my Black Friday sale.

Sponsor Hacking with Swift and reach the world's largest Swift community!

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