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DAY 25

Milestone: Projects 1-3

It’s time for another consolidation day, because we’ve covered a lot of ground in the first three topics and it’s important you review them if you want them to stick in your head.

However, this will also be another day when you’re asked to create a complete app from scratch. Yes, I know you’ve already made a complete app of your own just a few days ago, but bear with me – this repetition matters!

There’s a famous story about a teacher who went into a pottery class and did an experiment. Half the class were asked to produce one pot, and they had all day to make it the best they could. The other half were asked to produce as many pots as they could.

At the end of the day, the teacher put all the pots together and asked the students to choose which pots were the best. And – perhaps surprisingly – the best pots were from the group who went for quantity over quality.

This isn’t me suggesting you should rush through work or do half a job to get through a checklist of tasks. Instead, I want you to think about what it takes to truly master a skill. If you only ever built one app, you would have no room to experiment, no room to screw up without consequence, and no room to try something that you wouldn’t otherwise try – you’d have one pot, and it wouldn’t be great.

But if you have the chance to make many apps, each one designed to be simple so you don’t have the pressure of shipping something great, then the opposite is true: you have a clean slate each time you work, you get to practice the same basic tasks again and again, and you get to experiment freely.

After all, if worse comes to worst you just throw your app away at the end, knowing that you’ll have another one to do in a few days. Then another, then another. In fact, you’ll be making lots of apps during this course – that’s kind of the point!

Anyway, enough chit chat: you have some topics to review, some key points where I want to focus on some important topics in more detail, and a full app to build. Let’s get to it!

Today you have three topics to work through, one of which of is your challenge.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t complete challenges in the day they were assigned – in future days you’ll find you have some time to spare here and there, so challenges are something you can return back to in the future.

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