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DAY 96

Project 29, part three

This game takes techniques you’ve learned previously – not least SpriteKit, physics, and Core Graphics – and stitches them together into something new, something clever, and something fun.

This says a lot about the amount of progress you’ve made: you ought to be able to go through every line of code in the project and explain what its purpose is, which would have been impossible a few months ago. But it also gets right to the heart of programming: it’s a creative process - we’re not just flipping bits in a CPU and hoping for the best, but using the skills we’ve learned to design, to innovate, and to bring something new into the world.

Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineer at Apple, once said “people sometimes have a view of programming that is something solitary and very technical, but programming is among the most creative, expressive, and social careers.”

As we approach the end of this course, I hope you’ll keep those words in mind. As I’ve said countless times before: programming is an art, so don’t spend all your time sharpening your pencil when you should be drawing.

Today you should work through the wrap up chapter for project 29, complete its review, then work through all three of its challenges.

You’ve completed another fun game built in SpriteKit – make a video and show it off!

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