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DAY 95

Project 29, part two

Today we’ll be completing our SpriteKit game, and I think you’ll be pleased by the end result. However to get to the end we’ll need to do a little mathematics: we need to convert between degrees and radians, and we need to calculator a vector from an angle and a speed.

I realize that for some reading this it has been a while since you studied mathematics at school, but if you stick with it I hope everything will become clear. As Ernest Rutherford once said, “all of physics is either impossible or trivial: it is impossible until you understand it, and then it becomes trivial.”

What’s more, I think the same is true of programming – today is day 95 of your learning journey, but if I’d talked to you about collision bitmasks, @IBAction, and Core Graphics back when you first started learning you wouldn’t have understood a word of it. Now these things are slowly becoming second nature for you: bitmasks let us define what each of our objects are and what they should bounce off, @IBAction marks a method being called when a user interface event happens, and Core Graphics lets us render images dynamically.

That’s another fantastic measure of how much progress you’ve made, and you’re not even done yet – keep going!

Today you have two topics to work through, and you’ll learn how to make texture atlases, how to simplify collision detection, how to transition between scenes, and more.

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