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DAY 79

Project 23, part three

With that monster project finished, there are four things you need to do:

  1. Feel smug that you made an awesome game.
  2. Play that awesome game and post your best scores on social media.
  3. Complete the review for project 23.
  4. Complete all three challenges

At this point in the 100 days there’s a good chance you’re feeling tired, and might even be tempted to skip a few of these challenges. I hope you don’t, though – these challenges are here to help stretch you a little, and to make sure you’re able to apply what you learned in a new context.

Shigeru Miyamoto – the legendary Japanese game designer who gave us Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more – once said “to create a new standard, you have to be up for that challenge and really enjoy it.” That’s the goal here: every time you dive into a challenge and get it solved, you’re leveling up your Swift skills, and setting a new standard for what you can do in the future.

Trust me: by the time you’ve finished these 100 days and completed all the challenges, all the milestones, and all the reviews, the standard you’ll be working to will be unrecognizably different from where you were on day 1 – you’re doing a great job!

Today you should work through the wrap up chapter for project 23, complete its review, then work through all three of its challenges.

That’s another project finished, and one that looks really great! Now is a good time to record a video of yourself playing the game and share it with others.

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