DAY 62


Way back in day 8 of this course I gave you a quote from Fred Brooks, who wrote the seminal book The Mythical Man-Month. Well, today I want to channel him once more, because in that book he provided a timeless piece of advice for all software developers: “Plan to throw the first one away.”

You see, sometimes we only know whether a solution is optimal, or if it will even work, after we’ve had a first pass at implementing it. As has been said many times before, in theory theory in practice are the same thing, but in practice they aren’t – it’s one thing to have an idea in your head, but quite another to actually bring it to life with Swift.

While you might think throwing away code sounds bad, in this project you’ll start to realize just how fast we can get functionality up and running – in about 20 minutes we’ll go from an empty Xcode project to a working game, all thanks to SpriteKit.

Of course you’ll also be learning some important new techniques long the way – it’s a busy day!

Today you have four topics to work through, and you’ll learn about pixel-perfect collision detection, Timer, linearDamping, and more.

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