DAY 56


It’s the second day of the Whack-a-Penguin project, and you know what? It’s finished today – it took you just two days to make in full! I know you’ve had to work hard every day so far, but at the same time I hope you can look back and admire your own progress.

Marie Curie, the only person in history to win the Nobel prize in two different sciences, once said, “I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” While your progress here is certainly Swift (sorry not sorry), I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not easy.

And that’s OK. I’ve said more than once that there’s no learning without struggle, so if you find yourself struggling every day it’s a good sign that you’re learning too.

Today you should work through the “Whack to win” chapter and wrap up for project 14, complete its review, then work through all three of its challenges.

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