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DAY 47

Project 11, part three

Today we reach the end of project 11, which means it’s time for some more challenges. I know the clue is right there in the name, but these are challenges are designed to be challenging – you need to think about previous problems you’ve solved across other projects, then apply that knowledge in a new and different way here.

These challenges are designed to help you learn, because it’s one thing to follow my instructions and quite another to apply your knowledge to new problems. However, if you find them tricky don’t get worried if you see folks online solving them quickly – they are here to help you learn, not as some sort of way for you to measure yourself against others. As Shakuntala Devi once said, “nobody challenges me – I challenge myself.”

Today you should work through the SKEmitterNode and wrap up chapters for project 11, complete its review, then work through all three of its challenges.

That’s another project finished, and your first using SpriteKit! Why not record a video of your finished product and show it around?

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