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DAY 46

Project 11, part two

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” That’s a quote from Terry Pratchett’s book Lords and Ladies, and gives us an inkling of just how complicated physics is in the real world.

Fortunately, SpriteKit’s version of physics is much easier. You’ve already seen how it lets us create boxes and balls easily enough, but today we’re going to look at the way it reports collisions back to us so we can take action.

This does mean learning a few new things, but I’ve tried to take a few shortcuts to lessen the learning curve. I’m not skipping them entirely, though: we’re going to return to concepts such as bitmasks in future days, because they are important.

Today you have three topics to work through, and you’ll learn about SKAction, SKPhysicsContactDelegate, SKLabelNode, and more.

Trust me, by the time you’ve gone through those three your game will really be coming together – I hope you’re impressed by how much work SpriteKit does for us!

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