DAY 43


Today we’re going to be doing something so simple, yet so fundamentally important to the app development experience: we’re going to be adding user’s photos to our app.

I know, it’s simple, right? And UIKit does make it simple. But as you’ll see, adding user photos to your app does something important: it makes your app theirs. They have customized it with the faces and places they love, and it brings the whole thing to life.

With this power comes an important proviso: when they allow us to read their private life like that, you need to take that privacy permission to heart and live by it. Some other platforms play fast and loose with user privacy, but in the iOS world you’d do well to live by the words of Valerie Plame: “Privacy is precious – I think privacy is the last true luxury. To be able to live your life as you choose without having everyone comment on it or know about.”

So, don’t share it outside the app without the user’s express permission, don’t put it on your server, and don’t even send off analytics data unless its homogenized and anonymized. Please be a good iOS citizen!

Today you have three topics to work through, and you’ll learn about UIImagePickerController, NSObject, and more.

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