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DAY 34

Project 7, part two

Although I love writing Swift, you’ll never hear me say stuff like “it’s the One True Language.” Programming is a massive landscape of ideas, and there’s lots to learn and enjoy outside of Swift.

One practice that makes me particularly sad is sneering at web development languages like HTML and JavaScript. You’ll see folks saying that HTML isn’t really a language, or brag about removing all traces of JavaScript from their site as if it’s somehow a pollutant.

The simple truth is that having a working knowledge of these web languages can benefit most developers, and today you’ll see that in action because we’re going to be using a little bit of HTML inside Swift.

Now, as you’ll see I’m not really in a position to teach HTML as part of this course, so we’re going to do the least required to make our formatting work. Trust me, this is a good thing – Mike Davidson, the ex-VP of design at Twitter once said that “writing old-school HTML code was never very much fun but now it's getting downright tedious for most people.”

This goes double for putting HTML code directly inside Swift strings, which is why server-side Swift frameworks usually have separate systems for generating HTML. Here, though, we’ll keep it nice and short so we can focus on learning new iOS techniques!

Today you have two topics to work through, and you’ll learn about injecting HTML into a web view, UIStoryboard, adding tabs to a tab bar controller in code, and more.

If you’re keen to learn more about the way web views scale pages down to fit small screens, check out this article: Using the viewport meta tag to control layout on mobile browsers.

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