DAY 23


It’s time for another consolidation day, because we’ve covered a lot of ground in the first three topics and it’s important you review them if you want them to stick in your head.

However, this will also be the first day you’re asked to create a complete app from scratch. Don’t worry: I outline all the components required to make it work, and also provide hints to give you a head start.

As you’ll see, creating an app from scratch is a very different experience to adding modifications to an existing app: you get blank page paralysis, which is where your brain knows where you want to get to but you’re just not sure how to start.

A common reason to get stuck is that folks try to write flawless code first time. As Margaret Atwood once said, “if I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” So, dive in and see where you get – these milestone challenges will help you learn to get comfortable starting fresh projects, and to get real functionality up and running quickly.

Today you have three topics to work through, one of which of is your challenge.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t complete challenges in the day they were assigned – in future days you’ll find you have some time to spare here and there, so challenges are something you can return back to in the future.

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